June 25, 2017

Serving                          Today:                                          July 2, 2017

Greeters Ben & Marilyn Crace Marg Serviss
Coffee Church picnic Kim’s family
Counters Trevor Fowler &

Bob Johnson

Terry Ames &

Trevor Fowler

Power Point James Zhang Ha Won Kim


Ha Won Kim

Rick  & Norma

Ji Won Kim

Eleanor Mills

Reading Eleanor Mills Rebecca Zhang
Duty Elder Trevor Fowler (All June) Betty Siverns (All July)

 Sunday School:

Children Aged 3 – 12 are invited to join our KidBlast program held downstairs after the “Children’s Time”  Our Nursery is located


NEXT BIBLE STUDY with Rev. Dennis Tuesday June 27 at 10am-11:30am. We have started studying the book of Romans. This is a good opportunity to start a spiritual journey with Romans, and we pray to have an experience with the Holy Spirit. Everyone is welcome. We are having a recessional time from July to August. We will let you know the starting date.

SUNDAY JUNE 18TH: LPC Attendance: 58

Offering Amount: $1,330.00

Langley Bottle Depot LPC (Account number # 551) Youth Group balance: $52.90

NEXT YOUTH GROUP meets FRIDAY, June 30 at 9 am. Please have your medical release forms signed and give them to Dennis or Trevor on the day we leave. Starting in July, the Youth Group will have a summer break and there will be no meetings but will resume back in the fall. Enjoy your summer!

There are copies of the Presbyterian Prayer Partnership in the back of the church. We encourage you to take a copy and pray for the prayer requests listed day by day in this prayer calendar.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY & HAPPY ANNIVERSARY THIS MONTH to Albert Lazaro (3), Elizabeth Szamoskozi (5), Joyce Downey (6), Tassia Konrat (8), Elenora Chalkman (13), Michelle Bucci (18), Veronica Bryson (19), Erin Weerts (20), Ben Crace (22), Don Baycroft (23) & Emma Comer (23)

REMEMBER IN PRAYER: Canada, Sunday School, Youth Group, Alex & Audrey McGregor, Margaret Serviss, Isobel Brew, Bev’s brother-in-law Richard Kneider, Debbie’s father Harry, Persecuted Christians, Dane , Lesley Craig, Esther Lau, Fentanyl crisis, Immigrants crossing into Canada, Meiling Sask. Dennis’ friend Janice & Roger, Syrian people, Egypt Coptic church, Bev’s niece Jillian Chambers. Marilyn & Ben Crace, Peace Korea and Middle East, Shepherd’s House, Norm’s Brother’s family

CONGREGATIONAL PICNIC ON JUNE 25 Today we occur in the back area lawn after Sunday worship. Hamburgers, hot dogs, pop, chips and ice cream cones will be provided. Please enjoy today. If you didn’t bring a picnic chair, please take one of the folds up ones from the back office by the basement door and return back it to the church hall.

PLEASE BE AWARE that when you receive a request for help (money, food, accommodations) you can direct the caller to call 211# from any cellular phone for a list of available social services in their area. This is a government run information service. You may also refer people requesting assistance to Langley Community Services at 604-534-7921 as this organization can provide information as to where people can access social services.


Welcome, all mission-minded women, to the meeting in Calvin Church, Abbotsford on June 28th! Shannon Bell-Wyminga will be speaking on the Cariboo ministry at 10:30 am. The former Presbyterial and Synodical women will continue with meeting the rest of the day. The address of Calvin Church is 33911 Hazelwood Ave Abbotsford. Those staying for the day, which starts at 9:30 am for fellowship, and including lunch, $12. Please register with Sheila Jakus at 604-536-0228 or sjakus@shaw.ca before June 20th.

PCC MISSION MOMENTS Finding her voice Shumaila, a timid 16-year-old from Afghanistan, dreamed of having the confidence to work in politics and guide the peaceful development of her country. One day, her school’s principal announced that a summer camp offering training on human rights, leadership and public speaking would be starting shortly. The camp, supported by Presbyterian World Service & Development, lasted four days but changed Shumaila’s life forever. “I became confident and developed knowledge on politics and the rights of women and children,” she shares proudly. In a mock election, Shumaila was voted president—but she won more than just a title. “It was during the election campaign that I got the confidence required to deliver speeches in public.”With this support, Shumaila participates in school activities and voices her opinions at community events. PWS&D empowers women and girls Syria, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, Pakistan, Burma and Venezuela arriving safely in Canada. We celebrate the compassionate efforts of Presbyterians across Canada who are responding to God’s call to serve and defend the vulnerable and the persecuted. PWS&D responds to refugees

MIDDEL EAST STUDY TOUR DEADLINE APPROACHING The deadline for The Presbyterian Church in Canada’s Middle East Study Tour of Israel and Palestine (October 15-25, 2017) is quickly approaching (June 30, 2017). “A Moment of Truth: A word of faith, hope and love from the heart of Palestinian suffering” was commended to Canadian Presbyterian congregations, presbyteries and committees for study and discussion by the 137th General Assembly. This tour, led by the Rev. Noel Gordon in this special anniversary year, will help you begin to discover some of the complex issues in Israel and Palestine. During this experience you will:

  1. Meet and worship with local Palestinian Christians
  2. Travel to Hebron, Bethlehem, Nazareth, Haifa, Jerusalem and other historic cities
  3. Visit Biblical sites in Jericho, the River Jordan, the Sea of Galilee, Capernaum, The Mount of Beatitudes and Tiberius
  4. Meet with leaders and human rights groups from different faith communities to hear their experiences
  5. 5.Learn about peace building initiatives being undertaken by partners of The Presbyterian Church in Canada.

If you are interested in applying for this experience please visit www.presbyterian.ca/missiontrips to download an application form or have interested participants email me at  mfoxall@presbyterian.ca The contribution amount for this tour is $4000 and includes all transportation, insurance, accommodation and meals.