July 30, 2017

  Serving                   Today:                                            August 6, 2017

Greeters Bob Johnson Louise McAree`
Coffee Trevor & Patricia Fowler Youth Group
Counters Louise McAree &

Don Baycroft

Gary Weerts &

Louise McAree

Power Point Marg Garratt Clara Choi


Eleanor Mills

Rick Penner

Sung Won Kim

Eleanor Mills

Reading Janet Comer Gayle Howard
Duty Elder Betty Siverns (All July) Bev Feick (All August)

 Sunday School:

Children Aged 3 – 12 are invited to join our KidBlast program held downstairs after the “Children’s Time”  Our Nursery is located in the downstairs Hall.

 Congregation News:

Sunday JULY 23TH:   LPC Attendance:  38

Offering Amount: $1,242.90

Langley Bottle Depot LPC (Account number # 551) Youth Group balance: $52.90

There are copies of the Presbyterian Prayer Partnership in the back of the church. We encourage you to take a copy and pray for the prayer requests listed day by day in this prayer calendar.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY & HAPPY ANNIVERSARY THIS MONTH to Anna Weerts (1), Sung Won Kim (8), Ivy Weerts (11), John Nordine (11), Leroy Nigh (24), 20th Anniversary for Rev. Les  & Elizabeth Szamoskozi

REMEMBER IN PRAYER: Canada, Sunday School, Youth Group, Alex & Audrey McGregor, Margaret Serviss, Isobel Brew, Debbie’s father Harry, Persecuted Christians, Dane, Lesley Craig, Esther Lau, Lily Hall, Fentanyl crisis, Immigrants crossing into Canada, Meiling Sask. Dennis’ friend Janice & Roger, Syrian people, Egypt Coptic church, Marilyn & Ben Crace, Peace Korea and Middle East, Shepherd’s House, Norm’s son-in-law

SUMMER OFFICE HOURS CHANGE Please be aware that church’s office hours will be changed to dates Tuesdays – Thursdays from 09:30 – 1:30 pm

REV. DENNIS HOWARD This morning we welcome back Rev. Dennis Howard to lead our Worship service; we hope you had a restful holiday.

LPC Library New Books & DVDs: Check out the many new items (55 in total) in your LPC Library. All display items are available for you to take out TODAY!

 PCC MISSION MOMENTS Care that endures in Nepal

When 11-year-old Madan fell from a tree, he suffered injuries that left him bedridden and covered in painful sores.  When his health didn’t improve, his family took him to a Presbyterian World Service & Development-supported clinic in a remote region of Nepal.  There he received treatment, physiotherapy and a wheelchair – but the assistance didn’t end there.  When Madan wanted to attend school, local partners advocated for the addition of an accessibility ramp at a nearby school to accommodate his wheelchair.  Madan’s time at school, alongside supportive friends, was empowering.  Today, he is taking college courses and aspiring to complete a master’s degree.  Madan is grateful for the support that not only treated his illness, but also helped him build a future of hope and opportunity.