August 20, 2017

 Serving      Today:                                August 27, 2017

Greeters Ben & Marilyn Crace Marg Serviss
Coffee Ted & Betty Siverns Terry & Rita Ames
Counters Louise McAree

Lory Hastings

Gary Weerts &

Don Baycroft

Power Point Patricia Fowler Sung Won Kim


Ji Won Kim

Sung Won Kim

Ha Won Kim

Eleanor Mills

Reading Debbi Margueratt Ji Won Kim
Singing Ella Marie Weerts Ella Marie Weerts
Duty Elder Bev Feick (All August)


Sunday School:

Children Aged 3 – 12 are invited to join our KidBlast program held downstairs after the “Children’s Time”  Our Nursery is located in the downstairs Hall.


Congregation News:

Sunday August 13TH:   LPC Attendance:  46

Offering Amount: $1,667.00

Langley Bottle Depot LPC (Account number # 551)

Address: 20137 Industrial Ave, Langley, V3A 4K6

Youth Group balance: $63.25


There are copies of the Presbyterian Prayer Partnership in the back of the church. We encourage you to take a copy and pray for the prayer requests listed day by day in this prayer calendar.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY & HAPPY ANNIVERSARY THIS MONTH to Ralph Steiro (6), Norm Engh (7), Garry Weerts (14), Bree Weerts (16), Lorraine Baycroft (23), Janet Comer (25), Anniversary of Dennis & Gayle Howard, Ella Marie & Gary Weerts 

REMEMBER IN PRAYER: Canada, Sunday School, Youth Group, Alex & Audrey McGregor, Margaret Serviss, Isobel Brew, Debbie’s father Harry, Persecuted Christians, Dane, Lesley Craig, Esther Lau, Lily Hall, Fentanyl crisis, Immigrants crossing into Canada, Meiling Sask. Dennis’ friend Janice & Roger, Syrian family (Ali, Ceyda, Abdulkerim, Rime & Celile), Egypt Coptic church, Marilyn & Ben Crace, Peace Korea and Middle East, Shepherd’s House, Norm’s son-in-law, Albert Lazaro, Carolyn Weerts, Fire people-losses, Steve, Albert, Marianne & Jonathan Lazaro

VOLUNTEERS NEED As we have a relatively small congregation we really appreciate that many of you help out each Sunday. We are looking for people to operate Power Point and are always grateful to those of you who make coffee.  If there is something you would like to try, you can talk to Dennis or Clara for more information.  Thanks!

NEW SOUND SYSTEM will be installed on Monday, August 21 at 8 am. Our worship planning team is going to be trained on how to use the new sound system on August 24.

PCC MISSION MOMENTS Learning from partners in Taiwan

Nearly half of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan’s membership is Indigenous. With support from Presbyterians Sharing, Carragh Erhardt (Healing & Reconciliation Program Assistant), the Rev. Dianne Ollerenshaw (Director of Regional Ministries, Synod of Alberta & the Northwest) and Lori Ransom (Healing & Reconciliation Animator, 2006-2011) represented the PCC at the PCT’s International Forum on the “Mission of the Church in Taiwan Today.” Afterwards they spent six days with PCC mission staff, the Rev. Dr. Paul McLean, and some of his Indigenous colleagues for mutual learning about experiences of reconciliation in Canada and Taiwan. Carragh shares, “I am grateful to the people we met in Taiwan for sharing their experiences and I look forward to continuing this partnership.” Presbyterians Sharing supports exchanges with international partners



After more than two years, Mississauga pastor Rev. Hyeon Soo Lim was released from a prison in North Korea last week and has returned home to Canada. Last Sunday, he addressed the congregation at Light Korean Presbyterian Church, the church he pastored.  Rev. Lim’s release is a wonderful answer to prayer. The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada  wrote several letters on Rev. Lim’s behalf. (most recently on July 11).