July 1st, 2018

Serving                    Today:                                                  July 8, 2018

Greeters Eleanor Haddow

Isabel Barrie

Ji Won & Ha Won Kim
Coffee Althea Strudwick

Norma Gueulette

Jim & Lori Hastings
Counters Gary Weerts

Don Baycroft

Louise McAree

Don Baycroft

Power Point Ha Won Kim Margaret Garratt


Ji Won Kim

Eleanor Mills

Ha Won Kim

Eleanor Mills

Reading Audrey McGregor Don Baycroft
Singing Clara Choi Debbie Margueratt
Duty Elder DJ Kim

Gary Weerts

 Sunday School:

Children Aged 3 – 12 are invited to join our KidBlast program held downstairs after the “Children’s Time”  Our Nursery is located in the downstairs Hall.

Congregation News:


STARTING IN JULY, THE YOUTH GROUP AND BIBLE STUDY will have a summer break and there will be no meetings but will resume back in the fall.  Enjoy your summer!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY & HAPPY ANNIVERSARY THIS MONTH to Anna Weerts, Steiro, Sung Won Kim, Ivy Weerts, John Nordine, Ella Leroy Nigh, Lori Hastings, The Szamoskozi

 REMEMBER IN PRAYER: Sunday School, Rev. Dennis Howard, Youth Group, Audrey McGregor and her family, Persecuted Christians, Lesley Craig, Lily Hall, Malcolm & his daughters Jennica 12, & Olivia 9, Egypt Coptic church, Peace Korea and Middle East, Shepherd’s House, Sarah (Trevor’s friend), Dawn Irving, Cory (Tom’s nephew), Alison’s husband, Gavin and Natasha, Julie. Catherine McKague, Debbie and her mom, Marg Serviss, Nicolas, Norma’s friend Helen L. Sandra (Serena’s mom),  Mac (son of Ella Steiro), Bill Nicolson. Kathy, Blair, Sebastian, Norma’s daughter Shannon and her family

YOUR ELDER IS THERE TO HELP – The Presbyterian Church is organised around Elders. Elders are those folks elected by the congregation and to help with the leadership and spiritual care of the congregation. They are elected and ordained to serve the members and adherents of the congregation. If you have a need, for help, for prayer, for whatever call your elder.

Bev Feick: Isabel Barrie, Isabel Brew, Brian & Allie Dale-Johnson,        Marg Garratt, Rick & Debbie Margueratt, Lisa McIlveen,               Eleanor Mills & Rick Penner, Carol Procter, Marg Serviss,                 Rory Shade, Ted & Betty Siverns

Trevor Fowler: Terry & Rita Ames, Erna Boughey, Roger Diewert,         Jason & Vanessa Feick, Claire Fowler, Bob Johnson,  Lillian Sebulsky, Althea Strudwick, Rev Les & Elizabeth Szamoskozi (grandson David), Fran Thompson, Jason Yeh & Susan Yang

DJ Kim:   Elenora Chalkman, Nancy Charron, Sidney Cheng &                                      Sherry  Weng, Ben & Marilyn Crace, Gary & Nancy Hantke,                      Alistair Arlene Johnston, David & Iris Milling

Marianne Lazaro: Sandra Downey, Joyce Downey, Jim & Lori                                                           Hastings,  Louise McAree, Rev. Betty McLagan,                                                David & Edith Radbourne

Eleanor Mills: Chris & Janet Comer (Lucy, Emma), Stephen & Lisa Cox, Serena Emarald, Bev Feick, Norma Gueulette, Eleanor Haddow, Thomas & Elizabeth Jacob, Albert & Marianne Lazaro,            Solomon and Heather Nordine, (Emily, John & Ian),   Brent & Erin Weerts, (Ivy, Anna & & Bri)

Heather Nordine: Pat Flanders,   Doo Je Kim & Clara Choi (Ji Won, Ha Won  & Sung Won), Barbara Powell & Albert Lu (Katherine),            Sebastian & Danielle Temple (Olivia), Gary & Ella Marie Weerts

Tom Wagner: Mona Bridgen, Trevor & Patricia Fowler,  Dennis & Gayle Howard, Dawn Irving, Audrey McGregor,  Leroy & Ruth Nigh, Ralph & Ella Steiro

Gary Weerts: Paul Betty & Eric Bankes, Don & Loraine Baycroft,            Michelle Bucci, Dave & Helena Cowper (Anakyn, Hayden, Kendall),   Norm Engh, Muriel Morgan, Bill & Thelma Nicholson, Tom & Terrie Wagner, Lynda Wundele

3rd MEN’S BREAKFAST – On the first Saturday of each month, Saturday September 1st at 9:00 AM, the men of Langley Presbyterian are invited to come to breakfast at the church, bring your friends and family. Tom and Dennis will prepare eggs, sausages and pancakes. There will be a nominal $3 cost for the food. We will also share some soul food in the form of a devotional time and have a short business meeting. If you would like to help with preparing for these events see Tom or Dennis. Please mark your calendar.

THE NEXT SESSION meeting is on Tuesday September 11 at 6:30.

 THE LPC SMALL GROUP MINISTRY will have a summer break. We will have a meeting on September.

 PCC MISSION MOMENTS Attending to physical and spiritual needs in Saskatoon

The cost of living in Saskatchewan is rising, making it even more challenging for those on the margins to make ends meet. Saskatoon Native Circle Ministry understands that, when times are tough, people need spiritual as well as physical care. With support from Presbyterians Sharing, the ministry offers a clothing and food program, a mid-week worship service, an arts program, and crisis and spiritual counseling. Rooted in First Nations’ traditions and gospel teachings, SNCM offers prayer, friendship, and radical hospitality to those who are struggling. Presbyterians Sharing reaches out to people in need


IGE SCHOOL: We are a private learning academy for Korean international students studying here in Langley and Abbotsford. We are currently in search for homestay and guardian families for our students. Since most of our staff and our students are Christian, we would prefer to find Christian homestay homes. Rate is $900 per month. Please contact sjpark@ige.kr and call 778-899-9358.

A MUSICAL EVENING by St. Aidan’s church (1320 7TH Ave, New Westminster) presents September 14, 2018 at 7:30-9:00pm. “We invite you to join us for a musical evening of Sinatra, Gershwin, Puccini, Andrew Lloyd Webber and more…Brandon Thornhill and Glen Stevenson will be performed as crescendo duo. Tickets $15.00 at the door or call 604-524-9056 to reserve.