December 16, 2018

 Serving                          Today:                                   December 23, 2018

Greeters Leroy and Ruth Nigh DJ & Clara Kim
Coffee Jim and Lori Hastings Althea Strudwick

Norma Gueulette

Counters Norma Gueulette David Radbourne

Lori Hastings

Power Point Edith Radbourne Brent Weerts


Sebastian Temple Rick Penner

Eleanor Mills

Reading Nancy Hantke Rev. DJ Kim
Singing Erin Weerts Choir
Duty Elder DJ Kim & Gary Weerts

Sunday School:

Children Aged 3 – 12 are invited to join our KidBlast program held downstairs after the “Children’s Time”. Our Nursery is located in the downstairs Hall.

Congregation News:

NEXT BIBLE STUDY BEGINS on Tuesday January 15 from 10:00 to 11:30 AM in the church. If you haven’t already joined this study group we invite you to do so. We are starting to study the book of Luke using a Bible Study written by famous Bible scholar N. T. Wright.

NEXT YOUTH GROUP is starting up Friday January 18 at 5:30pm. Come expecting for fun times and some new things on the horizon! Bring your friends, too!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY & HAPPY ANNIVERSARY THIS MONTH to Loraine McGregor, Ji-Won Kim, Lucy Comer, Ella Marie Weerts,        Ha-Won Kim, Nance Charron, Sam Kenny, Edith Radbourne

 CHRISTMAS HAMPER 2018 Langley Presbyterian Church is putting together hampers for 8 needy families in Langley! Please see your inserts for more info. The sign-up sheet is located on the board in the back of the sanctuary. Please see Trevor Fowler on how you can participate in a lovely cause during the Christmas Season.

CHRISTMAS EVE CANDLE LIGHT SERVICE will be at 7pm on December 24, 2018

LPC 40th Guest Book – Please SIGN the 40th Guest Book (at the back of the sanctuary) if you celebrated with us on November 18th but did not sign. So far only 29 names are in the book and we know that there were approximately 120 people present.  Thanks!

Christmas DVDs & Books – Take a break from the Christmas rush and enjoy one of our 66 Christmas items – many on display in the LPC Library.  Enjoy them yourself, with your children, or your grandchildren.  Enjoy YOUR library!

  • 10 Christmas DVDs:  By God’s Grace, The Christmas Candle,   Christmas with a Capital C, A Merry Ingalls Christmas, The Christmas Shoes, The Christmas Blessing, The Christmas Hope, The Nativity Story, Christmas Unwrapped, The Story of Silent Night
  • 21 Christmas Books
  • 6  Children’s DVDs:  The Toy That Saved Christmas, The Star of Christmas, The Birth of Jesus, The First Christmas, A Christmas Story, A Child Is Born
  • 29 Children’s Books

 PCC MISSION MOMENTS : Equipping and nurturing future church leaders.   Gifts to Presbyterians Sharing equip and nurture future church leaders who in turn will equip and nurture others to witness faithfully in the world. In 2017, 18 students graduated from our three theological colleges – Knox College in Toronto, The Presbyterian College in Montreal and Vancouver School of Theology and St. Andrew’s Hall in Vancouver. These colleges provide a strong academic and practical foundation to prepare students to serve our congregations. The PCC supports ministry candidates and their presbyteries as they work to discern the candidate’s call. In 2017, 16 candidates attended the PCC’s Guidance Conference, which helps participants recognize their abilities, strengths and weaknesses and develop a plan of growth as they move forward. Together, we also encourage and support new clergy who have just begun their ministries.

Presbyterians Sharing supports visionary church leaders.