February 3, 2019

Serving:                         Today                                         February 10, 2018

Greeters Lynda Wundele

Norm Engh

Tom and Terry Wagner
Coffee Paul & Betty Bankes Don & Lorraine


Counters Edith Radbourne

Trevor Fowler

Gary Weerts

Norma Gueulette

Power Point Sunny Kim Patricia Fowler


Rick Penner

Norma Gueulette

Sung-Won Kim

Eleanor Mills

Reading Sam Kenny Marianne Lazaro
Singing Clara & Rory Betty and Iris
Duty Elder Heather Nordine &

Marianne Lazaro

Sunday School:

Children Aged 3 – 12 are invited to join our KidBlast program held downstairs after the “Children’s Time”. Our Nursery is located in the downstairs Hall.

Congregation News:

NEXT BIBLE STUDY is Tuesday February 12 from 10:00 to 11:30 AM in the church. If you haven’t already joined this study group, we invite you to do so.

NEXT YOUTH GROUP meeting is Friday February 15 at 5:30pm. Come expecting fun times and some new things on the horizon! Bring your friends, too!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY & HAPPY ANNIVERSARY THIS MONTH to Sandra Downey, Emily Nordine, Betty Siverns, Bob Johnson,  Solomon Nordine, Marg Serviss, Ian Nordine, Ruth Nigh, Gayle Howard, Betty McLagan, DJ & Clara


Inspired by God’s promise of abundant life, PWS&D envisions a sustainable, compassionate and just world. February 3 is PWS&D Sunday—a day to celebrate the work our church is doing to make this vision a reality, empowering people out of poverty, hunger and oppression. Through programs in sustainable development and emergency relief, we are helping women, men and children get what they need to improve their well-being, recover from emergency situations and plan for futures abundant in the blessings of Christ. This work would not be possible without the faithful support of individuals and congregations across Canada, and our partners overseas. Today and every day, we give thanks for those striving for justice, mercy and peace throughout the world.

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING – Langley Presbyterian’s Annual General Meeting for the year ending December 31, 2018 will be held at the church in the lower hall directly after worship services on March 10, 2019. Committee and Team leaders will be contacted shortly to be asked to prepare their annual reports on their activities during 2018.

 PLEASE RETURN ALL LIBRARY MATERIALS DUE – Statistics are needed for 2018 LPC Library usage.  This becomes part of the AGM Report to justify the 2019 library budget.  THANK YOU for making use of your LPC Library as part of your commitment to the ministries of LPC Church!

PRAYERS FOR CHASE – We both thank all of you for your many prayers for our grandson Chase’s surgery. The surgery was very successful and he’s already back to school.  All praise and thanks to our awesome God!  Albert & Marianne Lazaro

 RENTAL ACCOMMODATION NEEDED – Members of our church family urgently require rental accommodation. Needed is a two bedroom apartment or suite. If you know of an available unit please contact Clara at office@langleypresbyterian.ca or 604-530-3454.


 VST’S SECOND ANNUAL EXPLORER’S WEEKEND happens March 14 – 16 at the school. From 11am Thursday to noon on Saturday each explorer will experience VST first hand by staying on campus, meeting faculty, students and graduates, attending class and so much more. Additionally, explorers receive free registration into John Bell’s music workshop. If you are seriously discerning a call to theological education and would like to know more about this weekend please don’t hesitate to contact Julie Lees, 604-822-6502 or jlees@vst.edu

THE LANGLEY WORLD DAY OF PRAYER SERVICE will be held at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church on Fraser Highway on Friday 1pm, March 1.  Volunteers from many congregations are invited to participate in order to represent various churches in Langley. Anyone from Langley Presbyterian who is interested in helping out, should contact Ella Marie 604-533-4997.

AN INVITATION TO LUNCH The Metro Vancouver Alliance, of which our Presbytery is a member, is a broad-based group that is convinced that we can do much more together than we could ever do alone. The majority of its members are faith groups. You are invited to a luncheon where we can explore the values that motivate us to act together. Besides food, on the menu will be stories of the positive impact that broad based faith organizing has had on Canadian society and what has happened when the churches have worked together in the past. And now, in this city, in this year, what is it that we can do together that will make a real difference for the common good? Come with an appetite to relate with one another, and leave with ideas and resources that will help us make a difference together. Tuesday, February 19, 11:30-1:30 at St Mary’s Roman Catholic Parish 5251 Joyce Street in Vancouver. It’s a short walk from Joyce Station.