August 4, 2019

Serving:                         Today                             August 11, 2019

Greeters Lynda Wundele
Norm Eng
Tom & Terry Wagner
Coffee Trevor & Patricia Fowler Paul & Betty Bankes
Counters Dave Radbourne
Gary Weerts
Trevor Fowler  Lori Hastings
Power Point Sunny Kim Patricia Fowler
Rebecca Zhang

Emberly Zhang

Ha Won Kim

Norma Gueulette

Reading Marianne Lazaro Sam Kenny
Singing Clara Choi Betty Siverns
Duty Elder DJ & Gary

Sunday School:

Children Aged 3 – 12 are invited to join our KidBlast program held downstairs after the “Children’s Time”. Our Nursery is located in the downstairs Hall.

Congregation News:

NEXT BIBLE STUDY is Tuesday September 10 from 10:00 to 11:30 AM in the church. If you haven’t already joined this study group, we invite you to do so.

STARTING IN JUNE, THE YOUTH GROUP AND BIBLE STUDY will have a summer break and there will be no meetings but will resume back in the fall.  Enjoy your summer!

Roger Diewert, Ralph Steiro, Norm Engh, GaryWeerts, Bree Weerts, Lorraine Baycroft, Janet Comer, The Howards, The Weerts, The Lazaros, The Baycrofts

PCC MISSION MOMENTS A healthy start for newborns
In addition to providing skilled and compassionate care during pregnancy and delivery, PWS&D’s maternal, newborn and child health program is improving the well-being of children during their first few years of life. Part of this is ensuring that newborns access postnatal care and necessary vaccinations. In Afghanistan, Fatima hadn’t had her 10-month-old seen by a health worker since the day she was born. She is filled with gratitude for the community health worker who visited her home and told her about the importance of protecting newborns against infection through vaccinations. The health worker also told Fatima that this care is provided at a new PWS&D-supported health facility only two kilometres away. “I would not have known how important vaccinations are for children,” shares Fatima.