AUG. Greeters






Power point
6 Louise McAree Youth Group Gary Weerts & Louise McAree Patricia Fowler
13 Audrey McGregor Outdoor Saervice Bob Johnson & Trevor Fowler Ha Won Kim
20 Ben & Marilyn Crace Janet Comer & Betty Siverns


Louise McAree & Terry Ames James Zhang
27 Marg Serviss Terry & Rita Ames Garry Weerts & Don Baycroft Sung Won Kim
JULY Greeters Coffee Counters Power Point
   2 Marg Serviss Kim’s Family Terry Ames & Trevor Fowler Ha Won Kim
   9 Eleanor Haddow & Isobel Barrie Norma Gueulette & Althea Strudwick Bob Johnson & Don Baycroft Clara Choi
16 Eleanor Haddow& Isabel Barrie Youth Group Gary Weerts & Louise McAree Patricia Fowler



Leroy & Ruth Nigh


Bob Johnson

Audrey McGregor & Marg Serviss

Trevor & Patricia Fowler

 Bob Johnson & Trevor Fowler


Terry Ames & Don Baycroft


 James Zhang


Marg Garratt

4Rebecca & Emberly ZhangNorma Gueulette & Althea StrudwickTerry Ames & Louise McAreePatricia Fowler11Louise McAreeNancy Gong & Patricia FowlerLouise McAree & Gary WeertsHa Won Kim18Leroy & Ruth Nigh

Marg Serviss & Audrey McGregor


To be announcedSung Won Kim25 Ben & Marilyn CraceChurch PicnicTrevor Fowler & Bob JohnsonJames Zhang


A Community of Faith in Langley, British Columbia