February 2017

Langley Presbyterian Session Report – FEB. 17, 2017

1) Rev. Dr. Glenn Inglis, chairman of the Social Justice & Action committee of the Westminster Presbytery is planning  a comfortable walking tour of a park, forest reserve etc., where the walk leader could point out some salient features of our ever-changing environment highlighting some areas of adaptation and growth, others of degradation or over-use etc. The idea would be to have some ‘stations’ where we could examine what nature is telling us, have a scripture, a prayer, some conversation or silence, and move on. The walk would take a couple of hours, maximum. Rev. Inglis also asked if lunch & some worship reflection could be held at Langley Presbyterian. Session agreed.

2) We are grateful to announce that Eleanor Mills has agreed to be the clerk of session. Terry Ames her predecessor is on a two-year leave from active session duty.

3) Finance. The balance sheet and Income statement for January 1-31 2017 were reviewed.  There were 5 Sundays in January. The month ended with a $2,136 deficit.  If you take into account the one-time expenses that occur in January such as Presbytery Assessment and the minister’s Continuing Education allocation then we had a break-even month. The treasurer reports that the T4s, T4As, Dennis’s tax forms, the PCC Statistical Report and the Charities Report have been completed and submitted. The Financial Review of our 2016 books has been completed and the letter received, with no recommendations or adjustments required.

4) Session is planning to participate in our denominations Mission Awareness Sunday the date is tentatively set as May 07/17.

5) Chancel redesign work is proceeding, Leroy Nigh has prepared a scale model of the redesign it is available for viewing by anyone interested.

6) Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner and worship were well attended, about 35-40 for dinner and 25-30 for worship. 8 people attended our Ash Wednesday service. Maybe next year we should hold this service in the afternoon or arrange evening transportation.

7) Holy Week Services are planned as follows:

  • April 9 – Palm Sunday regular service – 10:00 AM,
  • Monday April 10 through Wednesday April 12 – evening services at 7:00 PM,
  • April 13 – Maundy Thursday – potluck dinner with communion at 5:30 PM, Tennebrae Service at 7:15 PM
  • April 14 – Good Friday Service – 10:00 AM
  • April 16 – Easter Sunday Service – 10:00 AM

8) Leading with care team is planning a fire drill after service one Sunday so we are in compliance with our leading with care policy.

9) A Duty Elder system is now in place at LPC. On a rotational basis, for one month at a time the elders will now take responsibility for the following each Sunday:

  • Arrive at church early enough to assure that greeters are in place
  • Assure that there are people to take up the offering (normally this is done by the greeters)
  • Be aware of new people entering the church for worship, greet them and help them find a seat
  • Check with minister to see which bulletin items (or items from other sources) should be read during the announcements
  • Read the announcements during the service
  • Call 911 in event of an emergency during worship
  • Take charge of evacuating the building in the event of a fire
  • On Communion Sundays prepare the elements, arrange for 4 elders to serve and clean-up
  • Assure that the offering has been taken care of

10) LPC mourns the passing of two members.  James Brew passed away January 15, 2017 in his 86th year.  George Serviss passed away January 16, 2017 in his 76th year. Our prayers are with their families and friends.

A Community of Faith in Langley, British Columbia