May 2016


1. Letter received from Mr. Dougal Shewan regarding the tree which fell on home in recent wind storm.

  • T Fowler will consult with Don Baycroft (congregant) to determine the property line to find out if the fallen tree is on church property or Township of Langley.
  • T Fowler will consult with an Arborist about topping or removing trees on the church property, which are in danger of falling; also will ask for a quote for this work.
  • Clerk T Ames will write a letter to Mr Shewan to explain our plan to reduce the risk of (prevent) trees falling on neighbour’s property.
  1. Phone call received from east neighbour Marie Bremner, regarding our plans to reduce the risk of (prevent) further trees falling.
  • Actions will be shared with M Bremner also.

Finance                                The first quarter of 2016 shows a $900.00 surplus.

Missions                               T Fowler will attend a Syrian Refugee meeting scheduled for April 28, 2016. Langley is worried about housing availability.

Presbytery                          Langley will offer to host a Presbytery dinner for November 01 2016 or June 20, 2017.

Children’s Ministry

  • The lessons for the six-year rotation for children aged five to twelve are nearly finished. We will begin with year one again next September. After all lessons are complete, the cost of the program will diminish because resources, such as books and videos can be reused.
  • In September, five year olds will move from the preschool class into the KidBlast class. Could graduates from the KidBlast class serve as helpers in the preschool class, maybe once a month, with permission from their parents?
    • Rev Howard will investigate as to whether young teens require a criminal check?
  • We shall run a modified Sunday School program throughout the summer. We have videos for the older children that deal with stories we have not included in the six-year sequence


  • The patio railing is complete. The cement stairs will be removed & a wider egress to the driveway off the patio will be developed.

New Business

  • Leading with Care Committee continues to be established.
  • As part of Rev Howard’s continuing education, he is taking the VST summer school course – Bodyshaping: How Scripture Forms Missional Communities July 4-8 2016. Action homologated T Fowler/T Ames.  Agreed
  • Approve the infant baptism of Katherine Powell-Lu requested by her parents Albert Lu & Barbara Powell on May 15, 2016. G Weerts/A McGregor.
  • Session agreed that Rev Howard announce that the Body Mind & Soul Study Guide is available to any in the congregation who wish to receive it. Also Rev Howard will facilitate 5 sessions to discuss the guide, in lieu of bible study. He will summarize in an announcement from the pulpit that the discussion is regarding practising gays being ordained as teaching Elders & it is expected that a decision will not be made until 2018.
  • Pulpit Supply
    • May 29 2016 Rev Dorne Cornish
    • June 19 2016 Andrea Perrett
    • July 10 2016 Rev Dorne Cornish
    • August 14 2016 To be Announced.
  • The congregation Directory will be updated.

A Community of Faith in Langley, British Columbia