March 22, 2020

Congregation News:

NEXT BIBLE STUDY: In light of COVID 19 situation, we postpone our Bible Studies until the situation improves.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY & HAPPY ANNIVERSARY THIS MONTH to Trevor Fowler, Marianne Lazaro, Frans Viljoen, Bab Powell-Lu, Rev. Dennis Howard, Lynda Wundele, Gary Hankte, Jason Feick, Antonio Arballon, Jim Hastings

 LPC SERMONS:  Please note that LPC sermons are now available online at:

“LPC LIBRARY is temporarily closed”.

INFORMATION OF PAR (Pre Authorized Remittance): Please
take a PAR form at the back of the sanctuary if you’d like to use it. When you fill out a form with a void cheque, please give it to Clara who will administer this program.

SPRING CLEANING: Property would like to do an inside and outside cleaning, tidying up, organizing and donating what we no longer need or use.  The areas needed are the kitchen, nursery, and storage rooms, and outside weeding. The bell tower also needs to be cleaned out and new fine screening installed to keep rodents out.
This all….does not need to be done in one day but could be done over a number of weeks, it could also be done during the week.
I am just asking so that I know how much we would be able to accomplish and set a date/dates. If you feel you would like to help with these projects please contact me. 604-530-6097

Restoration and rehabilitation after Cyclone Idai
In Malawi, eating raw maize, a grain usually dried to make the traditional food nsima, is a sign of pressing hunger. After Cyclone Idai stormed into Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe one year ago, many people were left with only this option—or worse, with no food at all. After the cyclone, Katherine Chiphwayna’s lost crops meant her family of four often went to bed hungry. Then Katherine began receiving support through PWS&D and Canadian Foodgrains Bank. She is now able to work more and provide her children with fish, eggplants and tomatoes, in addition to the nsima they like. “The kids are happy to eat the food. It’s very tasty.”