Minister’s Retirement Announcement on May 13, 2020


Dear Congregation,

I am writing you this letter because Gayle and I have discerned that the time for me to retire from being your pastor has come. Therefore, it is my intention to retire from being the minister of word and sacrament at Langley Presbyterian Church effective October 1, 2020 (pending the approval of the Presbytery of Westminster).

Gayle and I would like to say that being your pastor, and your pastor’s wife, has been a wonderful experience. You are such a gracious and loving congregation that it is difficult for us to make this decision to leave you and move on to the next phase of our married life. But for reasons of my declining energies and Gayle’s declining health our decision to retire is a choice that cannot be delayed beyond the above stated date.

Through God’s blessing we have accomplished a lot together; as a session and as a congregation. You are now a congregation fully able to call a full-time minister to your pulpit. You have accomplished this in seven short years. Your future in Langley is bright. Your witness to the resurrection of Jesus Christ is strong in your community. Your partnerships with the Rev. Bill Gammer of the Restoration Community Church and the Reverends DJ and Clara of The Vancouver Shepherd’s House ministry make you a congregation with two unique opportunities to continue growing and becoming stronger in deed and in faith. I pray you will continue to cherish and nurture these relationships.

As for the short-term future. God no doubt will provide you with a caring and competent interim moderator to help guide you and your session through the next steps of your life together. Which I am confident will include the formation of a search committee resulting in, praise be to God, a true gospel call to the person who God is even now preparing to lead you all into your future as a thriving community of dedicated disciples to our Lord Jesus.

I am available in the coming days to meet, in person at a distance or over the phone, with any of you who wish to reflect with me on your continued relationship with Langley Presbyterian. I am leaving. God is not. I encourage you to walk together with God’s Holy Spirit into this new phase of your life as the Body of Christ who calls LPC home.

May God bless you all.

In the love of Christ,

Gayle and Dennis Howard