April 4 – Easter Sunday Zoom Service

LPC Easter Sunday, 2021 – April 4, 10:00 a.m.

Prelude: Bev

Welcome – Bev and introduce clergy

Opening Hymn – Christ the Lord is Risen Today:

Call to Worship and Prayer – Rev. Willem

Passing the Peace:  Slide show of members while Bev plays Easter Hymns.

Scripture: Matthew 28: 1-10 – Gary Weerts

Hymn:  #260: Alleluia, alleluia, give thanks to the risen Lord

Scripture:  Luke 24: 36 – 49 – Marlene Turner

Message:  Rev. Willem “Just As He Said”

Offering: Reminders of how to donate to the work of the church – Lori Hastings

Solo: Listen to Easter Solo – Sandi Patty – “Was It A Morning Like This?”

Prayers of the People: Congregants can offer prayer requests then prayer to be led by Ella Marie. Conclude with reminders that LPC is still functioning and is there for all of you. Just contact your elder or the church office by phone or email. You will have a chance after the service to chat with the others who have joined this Zoom service.

Final Hymn: # 258: Thine Be the Glory: 

Benediction:  Marianne Lazaro

May the Lord – Bev on piano, words on screen