May 16 – Virtual Service

What Jesus Left Behind When He Ascended

Full Service

We have come to worship Jesus,
our exalted King


Silent Preparation

The Call to Worship:                                           (responsively)
L:      Clap your hands, all you peoples; shout to God with
loud songs of joy!
P:      For God has ascended with shouts of triumph, and
trumpet fanfare!
All:   Our God is exalted on high, Sovereign over all
the nations, and Lord of our lives.  Let us worship

“Fairest Lord Jesus”                                           

Prayer of Adoration:                                                     Minister

Doxology to our Lord, Jesus Christ:        (Rev. 5: 12&13)
In a loud voice they were saying: “Worthy is the Lamb, Who was slain, to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and praise!” Then I heard every creature in heaven and on earth and under the earth and on the sea, and all that is in them, saying: “To Him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be praise and honor and glory and power, for ever and ever!”

Prayer of Confession:                                               Minister

“Rejoice in the Lord”

The passing of the Peace:
The Peace of Jesus Christ be with you.  And also with you.  

The Scriptures
Psalm 148                                                               Allan Turberfield
Acts 1: 1-11                                                           Minister

Sermon:      “What Jesus Left Behind
                              When He Ascended”

Prayer of Intercession

The Lord’s Prayer

Presentation of Gifts and Offerings:
“Now thank we all our God”                 

Offertory Prayer:                                                   (in unison)
We make this offering to You, O Lord, as one small promise to love You and to obey Your laws and commandments. Bless what we give that others may benefit from it and that all praise, honor and glory may be Yours, both now and forevermore.


“Praise, my soul, the King of heaven”

Commissioning and Benediction