May 23 – Pentecost Sunday Virtual Service

I Will Bring Life

Full Service               Sermon Only

Today is Pentecost Sunday.
Holy Spirit, come and renew us!


Silent Preparation

The Call to Worship
: (responsively)
Come, sing a new song of worship.                      Come, sing a new song of praise.
Today is a day of a promise fulfilled.
With joy we celebrate Pentecost.
Pentecost – a day when power and comfort flowed.
Pentecost – a day of hope and inspiration.
A day when the Holy Spirit was revealed in flaming glory
and the glory was given to the people.
The fire of the Holy Spirit lives on in us.  Sing praises!
We sing praises, indeed!

“Spirit of the living God”                                         400 (New)

Prayer of Adoration and Confession:            Minister
“As come the breath of spring                             vs. 1, 2&4 396

The passing of the Peace:
The Peace of Jesus Christ be with you.
And also with you.

The Scriptures:
Joel 2: 28&29                                                               Allan Turberfield
Ezekiel 37: 1-14                                                          Minister

Sermon:      “I Will Bring Life”                               

Prayer of Intercession

The Lord’s Prayer

Presentation of Gifts and Offerings:

The Offertory Prayer:
Gracious God, You have poured out upon Your people Your Spirit as You promised through the prophet Joel.  Your Spirit enriched those who received Him on the Day of the Pentecost.  Thank you for enriching us as well when we received Your Spirit.  Help us to share these riches.  Bless what we offer here today on these plates and within our hearts.  Amen.

*“Spirit, Spirit of gentleness”             399 (New)

Commissioning and Benediction