May 28th Service of Induction for Rev. Lydia Bae

An Oder of Worship – A Service of Induction for Rev. Lydia Bae

 May 28th, 2023

Langley Presbyterian Church

3:00 PM



The Narration of Steps – The Clerk of Presbytery

The Call to Worship – Moderator – Rev. Laurie McKay

Hymn:              I know not why such wondrous grace #683

Prayer of Adoration & Confession – Rev. Laurie McKay

The Rite of Reconciliation

The Word Proclaimed
Text 2 Timothy 4:1-8 – Eleanor Mills
The Sermon – “Remember the Lord” – Rev. Thomas Kim

 Hymn:  The power of Your love

 The Induction

The Preamble

The Induction Questions to Lydia and the Congregation

The Induction Prayer


Right Hand of Fellowship

Signing the Formula


Hymn:              I, the Lord of Sea and Sky #592

Benediction – The Rev. Lydia Bae