40th Anniversary


LPC 40th Anniversary Celebration 2018

It was a joyous day! On November 18th, 2018 Langley Presbyterian Church held a special Worship Service and Luncheon / Program to celebrate LPC’s 40th Anniversary. A reunion of former ministers and others who were part of LPC throughout the years joined us. Festivities included choir anthems, a sermon on grateful remembrance, displays, speeches and tributes, a luncheon, cake cutting, the LPC Timeline, and the LPC 40th Slideshow.

Special Guests included former LPC ministers: Rev. John Rhoad & Bunny, Rev. Dr. Glenn Inglis & Linda, Rev. Bob Garvin & Carol, Rev. Dr. Terry Hibbert & Nancy, Rev. Betty McLagan, and Rev. Dennis Howard. Rev. Bruce Cairnie and his wife Beth and family sent their wishes to LPC via e-mail, which was read to the congregation at the start of the service.

The Worship Service sermon by Rev. Dennis Howard was entitled “The Anniversary of Your Departure from Egypt” found in Deuteronomy 16:1-18. He spoke to the celebration as a time to engage in remembering “God’s past blessings, and working with God into the future He holds for us.” The LPC Choir sang two anthems, Here in the House of the Lord and Give Thanks during the service. Rev. John Calvin Rhoad, LPC’s first minister, spoke to LPC’s 40-year history in his comments during the service. The LPC 40th Church Bulletin included the LPC Timeline Mission, Purpose, and the list of LPC Ministers from 1977 to present.

The Luncheon and Program in the Main Hall included trays of sandwiches, croissants, fruits and vegetables, with baked goods provided by church volunteers. A special “LPC’s 40th Anniversary” cake was displayed on a table together with a floral arrangement. Decorations and handcrafted centerpieces for table settings were in colours of royal blue and turquoise.

A display table of LPC Archives was set up in the Main Hall with photos of all LPC Ministers, several photo albums and other historical documents. An Open Mic time was held and several people shared personal stories and tributes, or reminisced about LPC’s history. The choir sang another anthem, Bless This House, during the luncheon. The LPC Cake Cutting ceremony was performed by our first minister, Rev. John Calvin Rhoad, and our current minister, Rev. Dennis Howard.

A photo album of the LPC 40th event has been created as a testimonial to our memorable event. Photos of the event, as well as a copy of the Church Bulletin for the day are posted on the LPC website. Framed LPC minister photos displayed at the event are now affixed to the wall in the church narthex.

Thanks to many LPC members who worked behind the scenes to make this a very special day. A very special thanks to the LPC 40th Committee members, for their work on compiling the LPC 40th Slideshow and for their coordination of Catering, plus many other details to make this a joyous day!

View our LPC Timeline and photos at: http://langleypresbyterian.ca/welcome/about/

Marianne Lazaro, LPC 40th Chair

Committee Members: Rita Ames, Mona Bridgen, Allie Dale-Johnson, Marg Garratt, Nancy Hantke, Lori Hastings, Audrey McGregor

DateEvent People
Pre-1977The Vision: To establish a strong, vibrant ministry in Langley, BC. (Murrayville Congregation and members of Presbytery of New Westminster)Ministers:
Rev. Gordon Bastedo
Rev. Dr. K. C. Doka
Rev. Fred Metzger
Rev. Hugh Appell
Spring 1977Application made for appointment of Church Extension Minister to help establish new work and provide pastoral ministry to Murrayville.
September 21 st , 1977New minister arrives in LangleyRev. John Rhoad, wife Bunny and 5 young children
September / October 19773 Assessor Elders appointed; met with Assessor Elders:
Rev. Dr. Doka, Superintendent of Missions1) Ian MacGlashan (Whalley)
2) Robert Stephens (St. Andrews & St. Stephens)
3) James Munro (St. John’s – White Rock)
November 6 th , 1977First Worship Service held at Langley Civic Center
November 6 th , 1977Neighbourhood Canvassing: 1,500 homes in Brookswood and Langley Neighbourhoods were canvassed in the afternoon to introduce them to the newly formed Langley Presbyterian Church. 85 visitors from area Presbyterian Churches knocked on 1,500 doors
January 1, 19783 additional Assessor Elders appointedAssessor Elders:
January 1, 19701) Dr. Wilfred Sinclair (1 st Presbyterian Church)
January 1, 19702) Angus MacDonald (Gordon Presbyterian)
January 1, 19703) Vic Anderson (Knox Presbyterian)
May 11 th , 1978Children baptized 11 children
June 1, 1978First Church Picnic held at Williams Park, Langley
August 1, 1978First Daily Vacation Bible School (DVBS) held88 children enrolled
November 19 th , 1978Service of Erection – Official Start of Langley Presbyterian Church44 Charter Members
December 17 th , 1978First Church School Concert
December 24 th , 1978First Candlelight Service85 people present
January 1, 1979First Board of Mangers (Interim)
October 21 st , 1979First of many committees formed to plan for the future of the church
December 4 th , 1979Approximately 1.55 acre site off 44 th Avenue purchased for $80,000
January 1, 1980Election of first 3 EldersElders elected:
January 1, 19701) John Mitchell
January 1, 19702) Cecil McCarter
January 1, 19703) Terry Ames
February 10 th , 1980First Board of ManagersChair, Fred Chivers
May 13 th , 1980Congregations of Murrayville and Langley amalgamated
May 21 st , 1980First meeting of Building Committee
September 1, 1980Building site is clearedCleared by Jim Jamieson
December 14 th , 1980Congregation approves the hiring of architects and designer for church buildingBuckely, Graham (Architects) & Kim (Designer) hired
January / February 1981Design of building by Kim begins
June 28 th , 1981Sod Turning Ceremony
March 21 st , 1982First Service held in the new sanctuary;
Vision Statement presented
March 28 th ,1982Door Knocking Ceremony to officially open newly constructed church building before the Church Dedication Service.Rev. Ian Morrison
March 28 th , 1982Langley Presbyterian Church Dedication Service
April 7 th , 1991Congregation adopts Vision Statement
April 28 th , 1991Burning of Bank Mortgage
May 1, 1991Minister leaves Langley PresbyterianRev. John Rhoad
May to December, 1991Interim MinisterRev. Bob Garvin
January 5 th , 1992Induction Service for New ministerRev. Dr. Glenn Inglis
1995Review of Vision Statement
December 1, 1996Minister leaves Langley Presbyterian ChurchRev. Dr. Glenn Inglis
December 1996 to December 1997Interim Moderator to fill pulpit vacancyRev. Betty McLagan
January 1, 1998New minister begins ministryRev. Bruce Cairnie
November 1, 200325 th Anniversary of Langley Presbyterian Church
September 1, 2009Minister leaves Langley Presbyterian ChurchRev. Bruce Cairnie
October 2009 to August 2013Interim Minister to fill pulpit vacancyRev. Dr. Terry Hibbert
March 2013 to mid-June 2013Interim ModeratorRev. Dr. Glen Davis
Mid-June 2013 to August 2013Interim ModeratorRev. Francis Savill
September 1 st , 2013Ordination and Induction Service for new ministerRev. Dennis Howard
November 18 th , 201840 th Anniversary Celebration of Langley Presbyterian Church