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Our Church

Langley Presbyterian Church has been a part of the Brookswood area of Langley for 40 years.

We are a “just-right” sized church: small enough that you won’t get lost in the crowd, but big enough to carry out a variety of ministries.  We have a nursery and KidBLAST (Bible Learning At Stations) Sunday School for children, Bible studies, seasonal choirs, instrumental music ensembles and worship teams.  We support a variety of mission and outreach organizations right here in our community – including the Langley Food Bank – and across the globe through Presbyterian World Service and Development.

“Presbyterian” means that we are part of the Reformed tradition of Protestant Christianity.  Our beliefs can be summed up in the Apostle’s Creed.  The Bible inspires and guides us in what we believe and how we live.  Our worship gives us an opportunity to praise, listen, and respond to God.

We celebrate baptism and communion as visible expressions of the good news that Jesus announces to the world as a way to help us follow him. We believe that our faith in God is alive in serving others.

Our Vision

We believe that we are here  to glorify God.    Our task is to make the light of Jesus Christ shine upon our community.

We want to become a multi-generational community of faith, gifted by God to serve the community of Langley, especially children and their families.

Our History

Langley Presbyterian Church’s roots extend back to 1890, with the construction of a landmark building known today as Sharon United Church in Murrayville. DSC01495In 1925, following the union of Methodist, Congregationalist and Presbyterian denominations to form the United Church of Canada, a sizeable portion of families elected to become “Continuing Presbyterians” and established a new congregation and building on 216A Street in Murrayville. By the 1970’s it became evident that those facilities were not large enough to serve a growing congregation in a developing Langley. And so, on November 6, 1977, 25 people gathered in Langley Civic Centre for the very first service of a new congregation created by the amalgamation of the Murrayville and Langley Presbyterian churches. A year later, on Nov. 19, 1978, Langley Presbyterian Church was officially formed and in the spring of 1982 our present building was dedicated for service. The congregation supports other ministries in the community and throughout the world.

DateEvent People
Pre-1977The Vision: To establish a strong, vibrant ministry in Langley, BC. (Murrayville Congregation and members of Presbytery of New Westminster)Ministers:
Rev. Gordon Bastedo
Rev. Dr. K. C. Doka
Rev. Fred Metzger
Rev. Hugh Appell
Spring 1977Application made for appointment of Church Extension Minister to help establish new work and provide pastoral ministry to Murrayville.
September 21 st , 1977New minister arrives in LangleyRev. John Rhoad, wife Bunny and 5 young children
September / October 19773 Assessor Elders appointed; met with Assessor Elders:
Rev. Dr. Doka, Superintendent of Missions1) Ian MacGlashan (Whalley)
2) Robert Stephens (St. Andrews & St. Stephens)
3) James Munro (St. John’s – White Rock)
November 6 th , 1977First Worship Service held at Langley Civic Center
November 6 th , 1977Neighbourhood Canvassing: 1,500 homes in Brookswood and Langley Neighbourhoods were canvassed in the afternoon to introduce them to the newly formed Langley Presbyterian Church. 85 visitors from area Presbyterian Churches knocked on 1,500 doors
January 1, 19783 additional Assessor Elders appointedAssessor Elders:
January 1, 19701) Dr. Wilfred Sinclair (1 st Presbyterian Church)
January 1, 19702) Angus MacDonald (Gordon Presbyterian)
January 1, 19703) Vic Anderson (Knox Presbyterian)
May 11 th , 1978Children baptized 11 children
June 1, 1978First Church Picnic held at Williams Park, Langley
August 1, 1978First Daily Vacation Bible School (DVBS) held88 children enrolled
November 19 th , 1978Service of Erection – Official Start of Langley Presbyterian Church44 Charter Members
December 17 th , 1978First Church School Concert
December 24 th , 1978First Candlelight Service85 people present
January 1, 1979First Board of Mangers (Interim)
October 21 st , 1979First of many committees formed to plan for the future of the church
December 4 th , 1979Approximately 1.55 acre site off 44 th Avenue purchased for $80,000
January 1, 1980Election of first 3 EldersElders elected:
January 1, 19701) John Mitchell
January 1, 19702) Cecil McCarter
January 1, 19703) Terry Ames
February 10 th , 1980First Board of ManagersChair, Fred Chivers
May 13 th , 1980Congregations of Murrayville and Langley amalgamated
May 21 st , 1980First meeting of Building Committee
September 1, 1980Building site is clearedCleared by Jim Jamieson
December 14 th , 1980Congregation approves the hiring of architects and designer for church buildingBuckely, Graham (Architects) & Kim (Designer) hired
January / February 1981Design of building by Kim begins
June 28 th , 1981Sod Turning Ceremony
March 21 st , 1982First Service held in the new sanctuary;
Vision Statement presented
March 28 th ,1982Door Knocking Ceremony to officially open newly constructed church building before the Church Dedication Service.Rev. Ian Morrison
March 28 th , 1982Langley Presbyterian Church Dedication Service
April 7 th , 1991Congregation adopts Vision Statement
April 28 th , 1991Burning of Bank Mortgage
May 1, 1991Minister leaves Langley PresbyterianRev. John Rhoad
May to December, 1991Interim MinisterRev. Bob Garvin
January 5 th , 1992Induction Service for New ministerRev. Dr. Glenn Inglis
1995Review of Vision Statement
December 1, 1996Minister leaves Langley Presbyterian ChurchRev. Dr. Glenn Inglis
December 1996 to December 1997Interim Moderator to fill pulpit vacancyRev. Betty McLagan
January 1, 1998New minister begins ministryRev. Bruce Cairnie
November 1, 200325 th Anniversary of Langley Presbyterian Church
September 1, 2009Minister leaves Langley Presbyterian ChurchRev. Bruce Cairnie
October 2009 to August 2013Interim Minister to fill pulpit vacancyRev. Dr. Terry Hibbert
March 2013 to mid-June 2013Interim ModeratorRev. Dr. Glen Davis
Mid-June 2013 to August 2013Interim ModeratorRev. Francis Savill
September 1 st , 2013Ordination and Induction Service for new ministerRev. Dennis Howard
November 18 th , 201840 th Anniversary Celebration of Langley Presbyterian Church

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