Good News

The God who made the universe and put you in it speaks his love to you in a thousand ways. In the life and work of Jesus, God’s son, we learn that the God who made the world,  loves the world and wants to save it from its misery. [Read it in the Bible]

Every decision has a consequence and human life is full of regrets, “should have’s” and “ought to’s” — the consequences of wrong choices. We fail to be the wonderful beings God intended us to be; that failure is called sin and sin separates us from the splendour of God. [Read it in the Bible]

Jesus was sent by God to make things right between people and God. The Bible says that in Jesus, God  came offering peace and forgiveness to the people of this world  [Read it in the Bible]

You can know God and be with him now and forever.  He hears you when you call; he’s calling to you now.

Listen, respond and live the life he’s offering to you.

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