LPC Library

Our Vision

 The LPC Library exists to enable us to become a community of faith and service, glorifying God. Our goal is that we may all grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. (2 Peter 3:18)

The LPC Library seeks to achieve this mission by collecting,
organizing, and providing access to quality materials which will help the people of
Langley Presbyterian Church connect with God, His Word, His people and His world.

As a supported ministry of LPC church, the LPC Library endeavours to provide material that is in harmony with the doctrines of the Presbyterian Church in Canada and the Westminster Confession of Faith.

Online and onsite

Use our online LibraryThing catalogue at the following link to find resources of browse:
The Main Library collection is located at the back of the Sanctuary upstairs. The Children’s Library and Youth Library are both located downstairs in the Main Hall.

Once you have clicked the link and are on the main page of LibraryThing, on the left side click on All Collections. On the right side is the Search this library box where you will type in your search terms.

You can also view our LibraryThing profile at this link:
It is periodically updated with statistics about our collection, including what’s new and recently added to the collection.

Our Collection

The LPC Library’s collection
includes over 1,359 resources
(including 217 DVDs). The
Children’s Library has grown to 289, and the recently added
Youth Library now has 84 items.

Material in the Collection adheres to the following criteria:

  • Complements the mission of Langley Presbyterian Church
  • Reflects a Christian viewpoint
  • Is in harmony with the doctrines of the Presbyterian Church in Canada and the Westminster Confession of Faith
  • Is of interest to a wide range of Langley Presbyterian Church people

Materials purchased for all three LPC libraries aim to develop and maintain a collection that is:
 Relevant / Useful / Informative
Edifying / Balanced / Of Lasting Value
Well-written / Well-presented

Circulation Policies

Who may borrow?

  • • Borrowers should be listed in the Church Directory, or be prepared to provide current contact information to the Library. Visitors and members of the community are also welcome to borrow resources.
  • • Children under the age of 12 may borrow material if a parent or other adult agrees to assume responsibility for materials borrowed.


Hours of Operation

The LPC Library is open on Sunday mornings before and after the services. Items may also be borrowed at any time during the week using the Self-Serve Check-out procedure as per the posted notice.


  • 2 weeks for books & DVDs (returns on the 3rd Sunday)
  • Renewal of materials is available.

The Librarian may contact patrons with
overdue material via e-mail notices or telephone.

Overdue / Lost or Damaged Material

The LPC Library does not charge fines for overdue material.
However, borrowers are asked to pay for the replacement of lost or irreparably damaged material.

LPC Library Team: Librarian & Assistant(s)

Together, the LPC Library Team will carry out the vital tasks of the library including:

  • Acquiring / Purchasing Material
  • Processing / Cataloguing Material
  • Providing Service to Library Users / Patrons
  • Recommending and Reviewing Material
  • Maintaining the Collection and Facilities
  • Communicating to the Congregation via
    Church Bulletin Announcements


The LPC Librarian reports to the Minister and Session of LPC Church on a consultation / approval basis. Any major changes are approved through Session (i.e., budget, collection placement, special requests, and clarification re: suitability of donated material).


The LPC Library welcomes your participation in your church’s
library. Please contact the Librarian directly before or after church services.

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